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My Fortress of Solitude

Somebody Save me

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29 September 1970
Just a bit of info about me... I grew up in Southern California, but presently I reside in Kernersville, North Carolina. I am married to my wife Mindy, am the proud father of our daughter Emily (5), son Jensen (2). I am a former employee of AT&T Wireless, American Express, iQor, Bank of America, and am presently unemployed. I have a wide variety of musical tastes, ranging from Alternative to Classic Rock, or from Lounge to Country - you never know what I'll be listening to from day to day. I am a huge movie buff and I have an uncanny knack of naming actors voices in commercials or know what movie you are watching just by hearing the music. That is one of the reasons I am the moderator of moviequotes, in addition to co-moderating 80s_trivia. I am someone who enjoys learning about new things, and have loads of trivial knowledge crammed inside my skull - enough to carry on a conversation, but not enough to consider myself an expert on any particular topic.

In my journal, I write about many things - I share my thoughts about current events, things that strike me as interesting, I write about life as a dad and a husband, I write about my past when I am feeling nostolgic, or else vent about family and work drama. The bottom line: I try to keep everything interesting and entertaining. Come on in, look around, and if you like what you read than add me to your friend's list - (Note: If you just friend me at random, I reserve the right to not add you back if I don't think we are all that compatible as LJ friends) If you can't make up your mind, see what some of my friends have to say about my journal:

modernarchetype -- Life with a splash of imagery. Fatherhood with a sense of humor. Opinions concocted of equal parts sincerity, thought and wackiness.

krazyleesa -- A caring husband, great father to lil Emily, someone I'm glad to call a friend. Oh yeah...he knows his 80's stuff too! :)

hofmannison -- mcbarnes1970 is so much like me it's scary!

sillylizzie -- mcbarnes1970 is a goof, who seems to like to have fun; and yet has a refreshing serious & philosophical side.

talitha_oy -- It's a good, intelligent, and fun read....a good way for me to keep up with the life of an old friend who's across the country from me.

the_headhunter -- His Mickey Mouse Kung Fu is no match for my superior fighting style!

babyulu -- A must add, mcbarnes1970 is a fellow former So. Cal guy & Monsoon whose posts I always look forward to because they are fun, refreshing, and random. (Plus he's got the cutest daughter ever!)

hippie_chick -- Refreshing and intelligent reading. I'm happy to have Michael on my friends list. Add him now, you know you wanna.

ainabarad -- When I met him, I had randomly stumbled across his journal. My son was standing by my side, took one look at his layout, and started squealing, "SUPERMAN! LOOK, IT'S SUPERMAN, MAMA!" Being a Superman fan myself, I couldn't resist reading more about the man behind this personal fortress of solitude I had discovered and the rest is history!!! He's absolutely made of awesome in so many countless ways and I'm blessed to have him as a friend.

eliz -- mcbarnes1970: Never read your friend's list without it.

Even total strangers agree!
chrishaas -- If you only add one journal to your friends list, mcbarnes1970 should be it.

books, breasts, cheese, chess, cinema, comedy, comic book movies, comic books, computers, cooking, cuddling, customer service, danny elfman, diet coke, dreaming, dreams, dune, elvis, ender's game, er, feta, film, foo fighters, frank herbert, frank sinatra, freedom, french bulldogs, friends, futurama, games, geocaching, george lucas, god, good eats, green day, greensboro, harry potter, hollywood stock exchange, home improvement, home theater, honesty, hsx, humor, indiana jones, intelligence, internet, investing, janis joplin, jaws, jesus, jim morrison, john lennon, john steinbeck, john williams, kernersville, kissing, las vegas, laughter, learning, left behind, les miserables, lewis black, life, lightning, listening, literature, livejournal, logic, lord of the rings, lotr, lounge, love, luck, marching bands, marriage, movies, music, mutual funds, my daughter, my wife, neil gaiman, nightmare before christmas, no doubt, north carolina, oingo boingo, orson scott card, penn and teller, philosophy, pixar, playstation 2, prayer, psychology, quality, rain, rainfall, reading, real estate, red hair, red heads, redheads, relaxing, religion, road trips, robin williams, salad, santana, sarcasm, saturday night live, sex, sleeping, smallville, snl, socratic method, south beach diet, stand-up comedy, star wars, steven spielberg, sting, storms, superheros, superman, surround sound, the 70's, the 80's, the beatles, the bible, the doors, the endless, the police, the sandman, the simpsons, theater, theology, thinking, thought, thunder, tim burton, tom jones, truth, victor hugo, video games, whales, world domination, writing

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